Successful Archery Events

A RUSH course outline first taught April 3, 2004 by H.L. Hugh Prescott

A. Planning

Support of your local group

Preparing a budget

Getting on the Kingdom Calendar

See current MEW's for details

Getting the right site

Range and overshoot areas




Planning the shoots

Enough shoots for the day

Always have extra shoots just in case

Enough variety

Don't bore the archers

Challenge their abilities

Equalizing the scoring


Adjusting the scoring system

Getting the necessary equipment

Line markers

Butts, bales and foam

Be prepared for crossbows and high poundage bows

Backstops & Netting

Stakes etc

Finding the right workers

Marshal in Charge

Line marshals

Recording scorekeepers

Master scorekeeper

Mews Flyer, other Kingdoms

Calontam, SCA-Archery & Calon Net

Seneschal mailing

Archery Orientation

C. Setup

Transportation to site

Setup crew

Setup time

D. Execution

Starting on time

Signup sheets

Score sheets

Keeping the archer busy

Busy archer are happy, keep them challenged and shooting

Bored archers will start their own shoot and/or grumble

Conflict resolution

A designated person, usually the Marshal in Charge

An alternate incase the problem involves the MIC

Accurate scoring

Recording scorekeepers

Master Scorekeeper(s)

Announcing the winners

Getting organized

Speaking distinctly

Use a Herald

E. After the event

Event Report

Group Event report

Group Exchequer Report

Group event report

Financial report

What went wrong

What went right