Rules of the line

The archery range is divided into four parts: behind the Line, the Line, the Range up to and including the Target, and the Safety Zone. No participant shall take the line or go forward of the line unless cleared by the Marshal.

The competition marshal shall explain the location of the shooting line and the position of the archers while shooting and while waiting for their chance to shoot. No shooting/throwing shall be done when the Range and the Safety Zone is not clear of all persons and animals. In the absence of other specific instructions, in the case of knife, axe, or spear, the area 20 feet behind the thrower must also be clear.

If the knife, axe, or spear or arrow/bolt has been released at the time the "HOLD" is called, do NOT try to catch the missile weapon. Let it continue in its course down the range.

Anyone seeing an unsafe situation should IMMEDIATELY point out that situation to the range marshal.

In urgent situations, anyone may call hold, but it is that person's responsibility to explain their action immediately to the range marshal.

These commands (or forms thereof) will be recognized as legitimate line orders: TAKE THE LINE: Archers must remain behind the shooting line until this command is given.

MAKE READY / READY: Archers may not nock brace, cock, or aim a weapon until the marshal has given this command.

LOOSE / FIRE / SHOOT / RELEASE / THROW: Archers may begin shooting only after the marshal gives this command.

HOLD: Archers will immediately make safe their weapons - relax the draw of a bow, remove the arrow nock from the string, remove bolt from crossbow track (do NOT relax the crossbow until instructed to do so by the marshal), relax throwing arm. Remain in position and await further instruction from the marshal. Holds will be used to denote the end of rounds as well as safety issues.

CONTINUE: Archers may return to shooting only after this command is given. BOWS DOWN: Archers will make the range safe by placing their weapons on the ground or in racks at this command. No arrows will be retrieved before all archers are in compliance.

RETRIEVE / SCORE AND RETRIEVE: Archers will pull their own weapons from the target area. Depending on the competition, a marshal may accompany the archer to score his shots before pulling arrows. In any case, no archer should approach the target area before this command is given.

The archer shall cooperate immediately with any command given by the line marshal. If the command is deemed to be unsafe or unreasonable, the archer shall seek out a member of the Archer General or the Archer General' Staff to report the matter for further action.