Archery Orientation

The Archer Marshal is responsible for keeping the line safe for both archers and spectators. If he/she asks you to do something it is for this reason. Failure to follow these instructions may result in an archer being asked to leave the shooting area.

Age Restrictions: Minors under 14:

You must have a waiver and a parent/guardian on the line. You are not yet allowed to use thrown weapons.

14 to 17 years:

You must have a waiver.

Special Dispensation may be approved for minors through the office of the Archer General.

Before Shooting on the Line: Your equipment must be inspected by a marshal.

Shooting on the Line:

1. Wait for the marshal to tell you to step to the line. The line is from where the archers shoot.

2. Straddle the shooting line. (One foot on either side of the line.)

3. Hold one arrow up in the air when you are ready to shoot.

4. Wait for the marshal to say, "Archers, you may nock and loose/fire your arrows.

a. ALWAYS point arrows down range (toward the target).

b. Be aware of where your bow is and the bows of others to avoid someone getting poked with the bow.

c. If you drop an arrow LEAVE IT. NEVER lean or step over the line to get the dropped arrow or bolt.

5. Stop immediately if you hear a "HOLD" called. This means something needs to be corrected to avoid a problem.

6. When you are finished shooting, step back from the line and put your bow down. Do not carry the bow with you to retrieve/score your arrows.

7. Wait for the marshal to declare the line closed and give permission to retrieve arrows/bolts.

8. Watch for deadwood as you approach the target. These are arrows on the ground that did not reach the target.

a. It is common for archers to stand the arrows up slightly in the ground so no one steps on them. Do not push them into hard ground.

b. Please point out but do not pull up any that are buried in the grass until someone shows you how to do it without damaging the fletching on the arrow.

9. Retrieve ONLY your own arrows AFTER the scores have been recorded by the official score keeper.

a. Because archers differ in how they feel about their arrows/their score (like anything else personal ) it is best to leave them where they are.

b. The marshal-in-charge has the final say on close scoring.

c. Pull arrows one at a time using proper technique.

d. Always be mindful of where you are in relation to people pulling arrows. Getting poked in the eye is not fun.

e. Always look behind you BEFORE pulling arrows from the target.

10. Have fun!!

Line Courtesy 1. Please do not talk to the archers on the line. They are trying to concentrate.

2. Be kind in your comments or choose to say nothing at all. This is for fun and we are all at different skill levels.

Care and Feeding of Your Equipment

1. Bows:

a. Types: Recurve, Longbow, and Crossbow.

b. NEVER dry fire your bow. This means drawing and letting go of the string without an arrow in place. Dry firing can cause damage to your bow or injury to yourself.

c. Bows that have been left in the cold should be allowed to warm up before stringing and firing. Failure to do so may result in a broken bow and injury to you. Do not store your bow in extreme temperatures.

d. Wax your bowstring. This will keep it in good condition.

2. Arrows:

a. Must be wooden for competitions.

b. Must have at least of each fletch (feather).

3. Accessories:

a. Arm guard will protect your bow arm from string kisses.

b. Glove/Finger Tab protects your draw fingers.

c. Tie back -anything you can use to tie back loose clothing sleeves or long hair.


Kingdom of Calontir

Fledgling Archers Agreement

I__________________________________________ have attended the Calontir Archery Orientation Class. I have received a copy of the rules of the line and understand my responsibility to follow them. I know the Archer Marshal is in charge and agree to listen to him/her. If I choose not to listen, I will be asked to leave the shooting area.

Fledgling Archer:_______________________________________________