Archery Marshal Agreement to Serve

Society for Creative Anachronism
Kingdom of Calontir
Office of the Archer General
Agreement to Serve as a Calontir Archer Marshal

This form is intended to provide the Kingdom and the office of the Archer General with a written assurance that each marshal understands that they are applying for a specific position with specific requirements. Archer Marshals of Calontir are responsible for assuring the safety of archery activities in the Kingdom. The specific responsibilities of the Archer Marshals are defined in the Kingdom Archer Handbook, as well as the requirements for warrant.

According to current Society rules, you must be a national member to hold any office, including that of Archer Marshal. The Archer General owes a great debt of gratitude to each and every Archer Marshal of Calontir. This office exists to serve archery and improve the state of archery in the Kingdom. To this end the Archer General and staff promise all the support they can provide to the Archer Marshals of Calontir in making their tasks easier, more fulfilling and more enjoyable.

If after reading these notes, you wish to begin the training and warranting procedure for the position of Archer Marshal, then fill out the section below, make a copy for your files, and return the SIGNED original to the current Archer General by US mail.

Master Jon Tristram

John May
12538 Evening Shade Road
Plato, MO 65552








I understand that I am volunteering to serve as an Archer Marshal of Calontir, and that my warrant depends on finishing the training and warrant process as outlined in the Archer Marshal Handbook.


This form is required to become a Marshal in Training and to begin the Warrant process.